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Choice of a suitable touring bicycle

Before planning a cycle tour it is a good idea to consider the equipment you choose, in particular your bike. If you have already a bicycle you feel comfortable with and you are planning to bring it on a short tour of a couple of days or weeks, make sure that (if there isn't already) a rack can be fitted. Do not go on a tour with a back pack; it's uncomfortable and can cause injuries....There should also be at least one bottle holder.

If you haven't a bike, there is a large variety of brands and models. Twenty years ago it has been a lot easier, as most bike makers offered just a handful of choices. On the other hand the equipment wasn't that amazing, in particular the brakes (older folks know what we are talking about).


But let's discuss what's really important when you choose a bike to cycle tour:


  1. The size: As nobody would go for a long walk with shoes that are too small or too big, you wouldn't go on a cycle tour with a bike that doesn't fit.

  2. Type of bike: As with cars, nobody would carry around heavy loads in a Porsche and you wouldn't want to fit your $5000+ carbon race bike with bike packing gear or panniers.

      Although some old steel mountain bikes frames are an excellent base for a custom fit         touring bike, with many modern MTBs there is even no place to fit bikepacking gear.

  1. Accessories; It's also recommended to fit mudguards, a comfortable saddle, a good lock, touring wheels and tires for the extra weight are another good idea.

  2. Advice; We definitely recommend to talk with SWISS TOURER or a dealer who sells predominantly touring or bike packing equipment. As already mentioned, there is a lot of choice out there and often much of whats sold does not fit the purpose (at all). We don't want to say that dealers try to rip off their customers, but what works well on a city, race or mountain bike does in many cases not at all work on a loaded touring bike.


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