1 Day Workshop

Duration: 2 x 4 hours, max 6 participants

1. Help choosing the right equipment (before you leave home*)


√ Choose quality equipment specific to touring or bike packing (it may give you better value for your money)

√ Tools that are essential to take on your trip


2. Bike and equipment how to; 


√ Re-assemble your bike after it has been packed for transport

√ Adjust and personalize the set up of your bike to maximize efficiency and comfort (no sore bums, wrists, neck and knees)

√ Repair a puncture, change a tyre, adjust the brakes, replace your chain or a spoke and much more


3. First Aid


√ Intervene appropriately in the case of an accident

√ Secure the accident location

√ How to treat common cycling injuries

√ Emergency contact numbers


4. Riding a touring bike 


√ How to ENJOY riding a loaded bike (on the flat its like a train; once launched you go forever!)

√ How to climb (is a lot easier you think) and descend with a loaded bike

√ Ride safely in a large city and understand the local road rules


5. What are the potential risk and how to deal with them


Please note: Hazards can happen; abroad as much as at home. It is important to be aware of such risks and to act in a way to prevent them to occur so if something happens out of the blue its always good to know the best way to deal with a problem before it occurs.


√ Inform about the most common risks (scams, corruption, prostitution, theft, accident, etc)

√ How to prevent & avoid hazards

√ How to behave in a tricky situation

√ What not to do

√ Emergency phone numbers (hospital, embassy, etc)

√ Theft of a wallet, credit card or passport; what to do, who to call


6. Ride along


√ 10 - 20km group ride to simulate a true cycle touring day (dependent on fitness level and conditions)