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Duration: 2 x 3h; max 10 participants

SWISSTOURER helps you to prepare a touring bike that is inexpensive, reliable & performant enough to travel the world. Using an old second hand steel frame 26" wheel Mountain Bike or 28" city/trekking bike fitted with the right parts will provide you with a platform that si comfortable, practical and usually will not let you down.


If it breaks down it will be easy enough to find parts almost everywhere in the world and to repair for most laymen.


If you want to keep your budget for travels you should book this course; if you want to save the money for the course you might end up having the wrong, bike plenty of trouble and lose more money with repairs than you would have spent for this workshop. 

26" MTB
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Why is this workshop a good investment?

Not only you'll learn a lot about your equipment, but will have your bicycle, the main mean of transport you'll be using on a daily basis for several hours you can rely on. This is particularly true if you are heading for a long trip in distant countries.

 What are you going to learn?

  1. To spend your money into items that are important

  2. Set your bike up with parts that don't wear quickly, are reliable and cheap.

  3. Set your bike up with parts that you can find literally everywhere and without stretching your budget

  4. Have a comfortable, yet performant setup

What are you going to do in the workshop? Note: you'll put hand on the matter during this workshop!

  1. You'll put hand on converting an old steel frame mountain bike* into a touring bike

  2. You'll learn how to check the perfect functioning and maintenance of such a bike

  3. You'll learn how to adjust the settings on the bike to your anatomy. Also, how you can temporarily alter the settings in case of discomfort due to injury, technical problems, etc

  4. You'll learn different ways to fit your luggage to the bike for best weight balance

* We suggest used mountain bike steel frames because they are solid enough to carry heavy luggage, in case it's necessary easy to repair, very comfortable and often come with or are easy to fit with parts that are available even in 3rd world countries

What you need to bring to the course?

  1. If you bring your own used bicycle you can get a lot more "hands on" practice; if you bring your bike, make sure it has been cleaned as you will not enjoy to work on it if it isn'tI

  2. Don't bring your neatest clothes as you will do some mechanical work

  3. If you bring your own bike, make sure you also bring AllenKeys sizes 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 or a multitool and a 2 sided wrench: one side 8mm, the other 10mm (you will need this for your trip anyway; SWISSTOURER sells multitools and wrenches if needed) 

  4. If you have already the spare parts you want to custom fit to your bicycle, please bring them with you. (SWISSTOURER has a wide range, but sometime a limited number of spare parts purposely designed for tour cycling

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