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A former multiple Swiss bodybuilding champion once told me: 50% of our physical, as well as mental performance depends on our nutrition!

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How does Swisstourer view the topic of health?

At Swisstourer, we believe that proper nutrition is the foundation of a healthy, balanced life. Simply engaging in activities like sports or yoga is not enough. Proper nutrition is complementary in every case, and once you've embarked on a good, balanced lifestyle, you quickly notice the difference. You feel more energetic, experience greater joy in life, take pride in your appearance, and when done right, you sleep better too.

Who at Swisstourer creates the creative recipes for healthy eating?

Alicia creates all these small and big culinary wonders that are a treat for the palate, the eyes, our well-being, and vitality. Alicia loves colors above all, especially orange, and you've probably heard that eating in color means eating healthily. Let yourself be inspired by her and the photos on our website or on Instagram.

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Alicia wants to inspire you to cook creatively and healthily!

Swisstourer Gesundheit is here to inspire you with appetizing and, above all, healthy food, similar to what we do with our cycling/travel workshops. It's less about ready-made recipes and more about using images, their progression, and words to encourage you to get creative according to your own preferences and tastes. It's for those who enjoy cooking and already know a thing or two but want to try something creative with new, fresh, and healthy ingredients. Alicia showcases all of this on Instagram, learn more here...

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What Alicia wants to convey to you.

I want to share my personal experience with different dietary concepts with others. Initially, I was a coach at Juice-plus, which was a lot of fun and allowed me to learn a great deal. I then experimented with the Ketogenic diet, but most recently, I've had great experiences with the Sirt-food diet. Keto is more for weight loss, while Sirt-food is for overall well-being. With Sirt-food, you can also lose weight while eating almost anything, you just need to know how. For more details, check out Instagram.

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*FYI: We recognize Yoga as a science that describes the laws of nature. The beloved God, who loves all people equally, naturally has a place in it. The words "Yoga" or "the beloved God" may evoke prejudices, but Samkhya & Swadyaya cannot be held responsible for that...

Mental Health: Samkhya & Swadyaya

There is almost nothing more important than mental health, and this applies even to those with severe physical disabilities. According to ancient philosophies, our mental health influences our breathing and body. Through the body, we can influence our breath and mind, which is why our posture is so important. What few people know is that yoga science*, in addition to meditation and the above, also has specific "tools" to heal emotional wounds. Samkhya & Swadyaya is beneficial for those who feel emotionally empty and burnt out. Addiction to social media, binge-watching, etc., is another area where we are active. You can find more information on the Samkhya & Swadyaya website.

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram: swisstourer

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