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LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO is a new concept with the aim to pass on knowledge and experience to all those who would like to plan and carry out a bike tour of their dreams on their own.

We are based in the scenic Neuchâtel, Switzerland, where the LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO bike shop is located, and where most of the workshops take place. In the northern hemisphere winter months, we plan to run workshops and tours in tropical countries.

LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO is not a tour operator with a tourist guide and a fixed travel route, but it helps its customers plan and prepare their bike trip, so they can complete their journey on their own in an individual manner according to their preferences.

Alicia & Chris

Christoph (52) is a Swiss and Liechtensteiner with experience traveling to nearly 60 countries, many of which he explored by bicycle. He lived as an expatriate for 5 years in Japan, 4 ½ years in New Zealand, and a whole year in Mumbai, India. He is fluent in German, French, English, and Japanese both in speech and writing. In New Zealand, he founded and operated the company "Cycle Touring Academy," which later evolved into LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO. His life philosophy revolves around seeing life from the exciting and positive side, turning each day into a new adventure, and sharing these experiences with people from diverse cultures, especially those passionate about cycling.

Christoph is a trained mechanic and runs the LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO project in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. With great enthusiasm, he imparts his skills and experiences to those who want to explore the fascinating world of bicycle travel. He equally loves cities and metropolises as well as nature, and he possesses a keen interest in history. He is also a certified yoga instructor (TTC500) and yoga therapist who has focused his work on Niyama Swadyaya (Self-Study) - more about this here. Applying these principles and his interest in healthy nutrition helps both his clients and himself to remain content, physically and mentally youthful, and fit.


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Alicia is a Spanish national but has lived in Zurich all her life and now in Neuchatel for 2 years. She's aged 58, a mother of four adult children, and remains very active, full of energy, and enthusiasm. Alicia is fluent in German, Spanish, and Italian. She has been working in sales throughout her life and, besides her current occupation, she's responsible for the presentation and marketing of the LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO project. Additionally, she is currently working on a LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO project related to healthy nutrition. With her experience on the subject, she provides many benefits, particularly to LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO customers who are slightly overweight.

Alicia has played a crucial role in improving various aspects of LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO courses, especially those related to healthy eating.

After experiencing severe illnesses and undergoing many surgeries, Alicia managed to lose 24 kg in just 4.5 months without ever feeling hungry, all thanks to a change in her diet. Alicia's secret lies not only in her knowledge about nutrition but also in how she puts that knowledge into practice with creativity, enthusiasm, and commitment. Despite being on a diet that imposes severe restrictions, she manages to create sufficient diversity in her meals to keep it interesting.

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