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Duration: 4 hours, max 12 participants

Why is this workshop a good investment?

This workshop offers substantial benefits in terms of cost savings and streamlining the logistics of your trip, including visa applications, transportation arrangements, and cultural considerations. It equips you with the knowledge and skills to proactively address any challenges that may arise during your journey, such as dealing with corruption, crime, accidents, and other potential issues that can become particularly complex and costly in foreign countries.

The workshop is specifically tailored for participants planning long-term trips to distant countries. It places special emphasis on developing problem-solving abilities, enabling you to become more self-reliant and capable of handling various situations independently. By investing in this workshop, you will be better prepared to navigate the complexities of international travel and make the most out of your adventurous journeys.

1. Help choosing the right equipment (before you leave home!)

  • List of items that are essential to take on your trip

  • Assistance in selecting a suitable means of transport to save time or money


2. First Aid

  • Secure the accident location

  • Utilize first aid apps on cell phones or tablets

  • Emergency contact numbers and useful apps



3. Food and Eating Out

  • Know the right food types/quantities required for good health

  • Stay hydrated 


4. Find Your Way

  • Effectively use your smartphone or a map for navigation


5. Cultural Awareness, Local Tips, and Cost-Saving Ideas

  • Overcome language barriers to avoid overpaying for services

  • Identify relevant cultural awareness unique to the region

  • Find accommodation within your budget

  • Discover local food options suitable for cycling (avoiding a month of fast food)

  • Utilize cycle touring networks and organizations along the way

  • Share helpful tips from experienced travelers to enhance your journey


6. What are the potential risks and how to deal with them


Please note: Hazards can happen; abroad as much as at home. It is important to be aware of such risks and to act in a way to prevent them occurring so if something happens out of the blue it's always good to know the best way to deal with a problem before it occurs.


  • Understand and prevent common risks (scams, corruption, prostitution, theft, accidents, etc.)

  • Learn strategies to avoid hazards and tricky situations

  • Know what actions to take and what not to do in emergencies

  • Be prepared with emergency phone numbers (hospital, embassy, etc.)

  • Understand how to handle theft of a wallet, credit card, or passport


7. Camping

  • Know the legal allowances for free camping

  • Find suitable locations for free camping

  • Avoid potential hazards such as weather, animals, diseases, erosion on slopes, etc.

  • Choose space-saving and lightweight camping equipment

This workshop covers a wide range of essential topics, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to have a successful and enjoyable cycling adventure while minimizing risks and maximizing your travel experience.



Choosing a suitable airline
Train Effectively
Appropriate Nutrition
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