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What many people really want!!

According to a study, the biggest dream of many people is to achieve certain goals that appear to be out of their reach. Whether it's a specific destination, a physical or mental challenge, or simply experiencing something unique in a lifetime, these dreams drive us.

Many individuals may have extensive knowledge about their goals and dreams, often even more than those who have already accomplished them. They gather information from the internet, numerous books, and TV documentaries, but these sources only provide details and facts. Or can a short luxury vacation in a flashy hotel truly replace the transformative experience of daring adventurers that media often portray?

At Swisstourer, we believe that while many people in our culture have a sufficient amount of theoretical knowledge, yet for many, it's not enough to face the challenges. Because without implementing it in practice, it remains just a dream, or rather, just a lot of knowledge.

That's precisely why Christophe founded Swisstourer. Chris, much like many other individuals, is averse to routine and prefers to avoid mundane, well-organized work. He personally conducts these workshops, sharing his extensive experience of more than 10 years living abroad and traveling, whether on foot, bicycle, or other means. Moreover, the workshops are designed to minimize risks while maximizing the potential for an authentic and enriching experience.

Traveling with a bicycle
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