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What are the advantages?

  1. You have prepared meticulously and in advance for the realization of your plans, goals, and bike trips.

  2. Compared to an expensive organized bike tour, bad weather might be an issue for a day or two instead of being a matter of weeks

  3. If you have to service or repair done on your bicycle, you will have a fairly good idea of what work needs to be carried out and how much it should cost.

  4. You will acquire and put into practice essential foundations: bike mechanics, riding with luggage, first aid, complete trip planning from A to Z, efficient nutrition and training, risk assessment, the use of smartphones, tablets, and digital navigation tools, and much more...

  5. You will learn to confidently plan and undertake your bike rides independently and according to your preferences, choosing your destination, timing, and travel companions.

  6. With this knowledge, you will remain free and flexible at all times during your journey.

  7. You will not have the constraints of organized group travel or the restrictions of a pre-set itinerary, hotel, choice of rental-bike, etc during a self-guided bike ride.

  8. A SWISSTOURER workshop is much more than a means to organize your bike vacations on a reasonable budget; it is an initial investment that will benefit you in every future ride you plan and undertake. Having aquired such basic knowledge, you will gain more & more experience and autonomy with each trip.

  9. The initial investment planned for the course will save you valuable financial resources through optimal planning (e.g., savings on hotel reservations, transportation, visas, etc). This is particularly true for long haul trips and you may be able to save several times the amount of the fee for a workshop.

  10. In addition to financial savings, this better planning will help you minimize risks to the strict minimum, reduce unforeseen circumstances, and spare you moments of frustration. You can also use the time gained to enjoy pleasant moments or meet kind-hearted people.

  11. The enjoyment factor will increase, and new possibilities such as exciting adventures and experiences will open up to you. You will be able to experience them with confidence.

  12. You can pursue long-standing personal goals during your bike rides, such as improving endurance, losing weight, gaining muscle mass, etc.

  13. You will learn to perfectly adjust your bike to your anatomy, providing you with more comfort and efficiency during your kilometers traveled. These adjustments can be retained beyond the course, ensuring optimal comfort during your future bike adventures.

Traveling with a bicycle
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