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Exploring the world by bike is a unique experience in many ways and, for many reasons, it is almost the opposite of what people consider a conventional trip. Why such a claim? Christophe, the founder of LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO, is passionate about sharing the reasons that make this experience special and distinctive. Let's listen to what he has to say:

Cycling offers an ideal pace to see a lot in a day while taking the time to appreciate everything. As a cyclist, you can go almost anywhere without major restrictions, whether it's in densely populated urban areas or in the heart of the wilderness. Nothing separates you from the environment, no car doors or full-face helmets, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your surroundings. Unlike public transportation, the journeys between cities bring you to location that offer the most unforgettable and authentic experiences.

This closeness to nature and the places you visit leads us to the next point: cycling exposes you directly to your environment. Whether in the great outdoors, a bustling city, or interacting with local communities, you will have unique moments. The warm encouragements from the locals, spontaneous invitations from people in the countries you visit, or the cheerful "Sabadii- which means 'Hello!!' from a hundred children in a Cambodian school, are just a few examples among the thousands of enriching experiences you will encounter.

Furthermore, cycling allows you to discover a foreign country in a more intimate and authentic way. The direct and frequent contact with people gives you a deep insight into their culture, way of life, concerns, and worldview, which often differ from our own perspective. You will no longer need typical tourist guides as you will be living your own rewarding adventure, free from external influences. For Christophe, tourist guides, whether in person, books, or software, often become insignificant, except when they address safety-related subjects. Safety is of great importance to him, and he makes it a priority during his travels. In fact, Christophe pays special attention to safety in all his activities.

Beyond the cultural and personal enrichment, there are also many practical and sports-related reasons to consider. Traveling by bike is beneficial for your body, self-confidence, and overall health. In modern societies, where comfort is omnipresent, daily exercise is not always a priority. However, choosing to travel by bike can change this dynamic and transform physical activity into a pleasant and rewarding routine. You will also notice health and body benefits, with a more athletic physique and improved nutrition.

Moreover, self-confidence is significantly strengthened when you plan and carry out a personal adventure prepared with your own hands. The risks taken, challenges overcome, and successes achieved will provide unparalleled satisfaction and fulfillment. Even in case of failure, you will be proud to have attempted the adventure. The fear of the beginning has no place because effective planning of the initial days on the bike combined with appropriate equipment will guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

There is no need to be afraid of the start, as the suffering, which is primarily imaginary, has no reason to exist. Effective planning of the initial days on a touring bike combined with appropriate, i.e., comfortable equipment, is, of course, essential. Proper equipment means seeking advice from a professional who is an expert specifically in touring bikes and touring gear. Ideally, he or she practices this activity themselves, and you can rely on their accumulated experience from their own travels.

In summary, traveling by bike with Swisstourer is much more than a simple adventure: it is an opportunity to discover the world in an authentic, rewarding, and free way. It is a journey that will change your life, strengthen your self-confidence, and offer unforgettable memories. Join us for a unique experience on two wheels!

Traveling with a bicycle
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