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What exactly does LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO offer?

LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO offers a range of 5 different workshops, as well as consultation sessions, catering to both beginners and enthusiasts of cyclo-tourism, bike travel & travel abroad in general.


Here is an overview of what LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO provides:

  • One-day workshop on cyclo-tourism advanced (for regular bicycles)

  • One-day workshop on cyclo-tourism with electric bikes

  • Two-day workshop for bike trips & long-term bike trips and in Europe, North-america, Japan, New Zealand for Electric and ordinary bicycles

  • Two-day workshop for long-term bike trips and distant destinations, particularly in second and third-world countries.

  • Four-hour workshop for everyone (not just cyclists): covering long-term trips and distant destinations, particularly in second and third-world countries.

  • Consultation sessions of 30, 60, and 90 minutes on various topics related to cyclo-tourism and bike travel. The sessions can be conducted online or in person; 3 people max.

As for the content of the workshops:

  • Practical exercises: The workshops include hands-on exercises on cyclo-tourism, proactive and reactive risk management, navigation, map reading, and first aid. These exercises aim to complement theoretical knowledge and enhance self-confidence in handling practical situations.

  • In-depth expertise: This combination of know-how, information, and practical exercises helps optimize safety, efficiency, and enjoyment during trips.

Regarding the consultation sessions:

  • Duration and modalities: Consultation sessions are offered in 30, 60, and 90-minute sessions, with a maximum duration of 1.5 hours per session. They can be conducted in person on-site or online, based on the participant's preferences.

  • Discount for purchases at LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO: When purchasing a bike or equipment at LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO exceeding CHF500, a 5% discount on the amount of goods purchased will be deducted from the fees of a consultation session. If the amount exceeds CHF 4,800, 5% will be reimbursed to the customer either in the form of a merchandise credit or a voucher for our services.

In summary, LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO provides a comprehensive approach for cyclo-tourism enthusiasts, offering practical guidance and in-depth expertise for independent bike travel. 

Who is behind the LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO project?

LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO was established by Christophe Frommelt, an experienced traveler with an impressive record of visiting almost 60 countries. His extensive travels have equipped him with a robust skill set for overcoming various challenges encountered abroad, including administrative hurdles, visa intricacies, transportation logistics, infrastructure nuances, and much more.


He has lived abroad for a total of over 10 years in 3 different countries and has first-hand knowledge of many details about these countries (Japan, New Zealand, and India), as well as the associated difficulties, whether on administrative or cultural levels. Christophe speaks and reads 4 languages fluently, which gives him an advantage abroad.


However, he considers all this, at least in his opinion, as secondary aspects that may look good on paper but remain superficial nonetheless. In his view, the true strength lies not only in staying in the different countries but also in mingling with the people, participating in the culture and experiences. Cycle touring is one of the best way achieving this. All this is what Chris can offer to travelers, in addition to the skills mentioned above.

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