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An independent cycle adventure with maximum confidence & control

Acquiring the necessary knowledge to embark on your individual bike tour or any type of journey according to your own wishes means much more than simply participating in a basic workshop or practice-oriented course.

In our workshops, you have the opportunity to gain knowledge and practical experience. This will enable you to apply important know-how in various situations you may encounter during your adventure. Because before starting something new, like a bike tour or any journey for that matter, some practical exercise and a certain calmness will certainly be beneficial.

Allow yourself to pursue the adventure of your dreams with determination and courage, being independent of a travel or tour organizer. You can create your own schedule, itinerary, and choose the people with whom you wish to share this journey based on your personal ideas and preferences. This is our philosophy, and perhaps it is yours as well. We want to convey our expertise and knowledge in the best possible way to all our participants and clients, enabling them to embrace this same philosophy.

SWISSTOURER workshops go far beyond a simple practice session or ordinary course: it is an idea that aims to share our knowledge, practical experience, and advice with those who prefer to lead their lives on their own terms, without being restricted by a framework that dictates what they should or shouldn't do. Above all, we want to assist those who plan their lives and stay in their dream countries with confidence, independently, and with maximum safety. It is complete independence from a travel organizer, free from any constraints imposed by an organization that operates according to routine mechanisms.

As mentioned earlier, at SWISSTOURER, we want to impart not only all our expertise in bike touring but also our experience of traveling in general, including how to handle all kinds of situations abroad. We want to share the knowledge that makes your travels easier, even in third-world countries, for anyone eager to go off the beaten path, eager to discover a country and its culture in the most authentic way possible.

From our perspective, cycling is the best means to achieve that feeling of freedom and independence. Pedaling allows you to truly immerse yourself in the surrounding environment, exploring places at your own pace and having the opportunity to stop and appreciate every detail that comes your way. Cycling enables you to experience a unique journey that awakens all your senses and genuinely connects you to your surroundings.

Traveling with a bicycle
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