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Physical condition

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We often hear from individuals who have doubts about their physical abilities. It's essential to keep the following in mind:

A few weeks of cycle touring not only help you discover your physical potential but also allow you to build and enhance your physical fitness. It greatly boosts self-confidence, lays the groundwork for ongoing sports activities, and let's not forget that cycling, when combined with proper nutrition, contributes to increasing muscle mass while shedding excess weight.

It's also noticeable that when people embark on a cycling tour, far away from the distractions of their everyday environment, they become significantly more motivated. They find joy in riding, pursuing new adventures, exploring new sights, discovering new things, or even trying to surpass their previous day's kilometer record.

SWISS TOURER provides you with the opportunity to be self-reliant and ride at your own pace. This training pace allows you to gradually build up your fitness level, without feeling overwhelmed by the physical demands of intense cycling or getting bored by others.

By participating in one of our workshops or informations sessions, we can demonstrate effective training techniques and help you plan an achievable itinerary tailored to your fitness level.

Furthermore, embarking on a long-term bike trip (lasting several months) will inevitably turn you into an exceptional athlete.

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