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WELCOME TO La Vuelta del Mundo


In "La Vuelta del Mundo," you are already on a journey around the world. Quality, expertise, and service specifically for touring bicycles, so that you can carry out your dream trip in the best possible way.

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Opening Hours

SWISSTOURER operates "La Vuelta del Mundo" without fixed opening hours. Our workshop and shop primarily serve the customers of our workshops by providing them with high-quality equipment specifically tailored to their bicycle journey needs.

"What does 'La Vuelta del Mundo' offer to our customers?"

Every customer is different and has their own ideas about a bicycle trip. With our experience, Swisstourer aims not only to help through its workshops but also to do our best to equip our customers with the most suitable material for their age, travel destination, duration, etc.

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Our Bicycle Brands

Customized customer consultation

Learn more about our customer service through "Assistance" service: You can do that via Zoom or in our shop, which resembles a bicycle store from the 1960s in many parts of Europe and can still be found in many places around the world.


Follow us on Facebook & Instagram: swisstourer

Swisstourer is the place in Neuchatel where your extended bike trip has its departure

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