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Absolute freedom

How does LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO and his founder Chris approach the theme of routine, everyday life, and stepping off the beaten path?

Do you enjoy your work, daily routine, and everyday environment, or do you feel the need for something new, different, exciting, perhaps even a hint of madness...?

If you are among those seeking something completely new and different, and you wish to turn these ideas into reality by gaining some practical experience and a good dose of self-confidence, then you are in the right place here. Undoubtedly, it is this strengthened self-confidence that makes the biggest difference after participating in one of our workshops. Being able to enjoy life and make your own decisions, instead of conforming to boring conventions, is certainly the dream of many.

Unfortunately, the realization of these aspirations is often challenging due to various factors and a lack of experience. Our workshops serve as a starting point, demonstrating to participants that anything is possible. In reality, it is often the journey that follows, whether by bike or not, that dispels any remaining doubts and proves that everyone can achieve it.

It is curious to observe that, out of fear of losing their usual security, most people forget that such an adventure improves their language and cultural knowledge. Moreover, this life experience allows them to progress both personally and professionally.

During these travels, like-minded people are often encountered, and the author can testify to dozens of examples where kindred spirits have found each other. Far from their home and usual environment, travelers have the opportunity to be themselves without having to conform to the expectations of others. Additionally, on the bike, away from the temptations of the refrigerator, feeling good about themselves and stress-free, many have managed to lose weight and maintain this new form.

Exploring new horizons in a prepared and secure manner is much easier when one is well-prepared. That is precisely why Christophe created LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO. He is convinced that this opportunity should not be reserved for a minority. Of course, his enthusiasm and zest for life are also contagious, and that's what drives him in his work, which he greatly appreciates.

With LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO, Christophe shares his decades of experience and expertise through his workshops, as well as individual consultations in German, English, French, and Japanese.

In conclusion, instead of avoiding everything that is unknown, new, or potentially dangerous in people's minds (without it actually being so), I highly recommend signing up for one of our workshops. The reward will be a better understanding of new things, excellent preparation for traveling to distant lands, and a fresh perspective on your own life.

Traveling with a bicycle
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