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Not quite as famous as its neighbors Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia, Laos will appeal to those who love to experience untouched lands.
Furthermore it is probably one of the places where most touring cyclists can be encountered, little traffic and only one main road across most of the country means meeting other cyclists will be unavoidable.
Laos is, due to its level of development, a way to time travel and transport the visitor a few decades back in the past. It is also a place to relax and recover thanks to the gentle rhythm of society. Locals go about their daily lives by both traditional and Buddhist means creating a serenity and charm that is comparable to no other country.
The landscapes are unique, regardless if it’s the Mekong River, mountains or fields shaped by farmers.
For people who are used to comfort and security, Laos might seem a bit rough. Hygiene, medical facilities 
or modern, clean hotels are not standard in Laos. A LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO workshop can really help to reduce problems and hazards. Those who cannot, or do not want to invest in such training should at least spend some time investigating the possibilities for medical assistance and plan for emergencies.
Another reminder is for those who want to cycle north: sufficient physical condition is mandatory to cross the 2000m mountains. The south of the country however is flat and easy.
Despite the above-mentioned facts Laos is one of the favorite destinations for LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO's staff and is guaranteed adventure for all touring cyclists.
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