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As we all know, yoga, stretching, and sports promote flexibility and therefore the well-being of our bodies. Wouldn't it be nice if we could also train the flexibility of our minds and thoughts?

Swadyaya, or in modern terms, Integral Chakra Psychology, is the answer from yoga philosophy to this question. However, Chakra psychology & Swadyaya offers much more than stretching our thoughts. Learn more in the following sections.


I don't understand what is wrong with me

Your gut feeling constantly says, 'Something is not right here!' but I don't know what. If that's the case, find out why instead of making excuses or doubting your God-given intuition (feeling).​ Click here....

Excessive binge-watching and electronic entertainment

Excessive consumption of electronic media beyond what is healthy leads to addiction and social isolation (exclusion). Those affected are often unaware of this, and loved ones feel powerless. We suggest the following.


What is Swadyaya?

Swadyaya means self-study, introspection, and realizing potentials. Swadyaya teaches us to use theso called third eye: the eye that does not look outward but inward. It is yoga for our minds, our influences, and traumas. Learn more about it here...

What does Samkhya mean?

It is an ancient philosophy (philosophy of life) that predates yoga. It helps us better understand nature and ourselves. It is an exciting and fascinating topic, easy for anyone to understand. 

More here.....

FYI: We tried to write this website in a way that everyone who can read can easily understand it as much as possible. Even for people who are over worked and are very tired. Those who currently no longer have the strength to read complicated texts. But also, for teenagers or foreigners with a different mother tongue, or those who did not have the privilege of a good education. I hope we have done justice to this task.

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