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Cycling to stay in shape

Duration: 2x4 hours, max 15 participants

In modern society “abundance of food” causes overweight and diabetes in many people and as a result they feel sick and uncomfortable. For that reason a large number of diets and exercise programs are offered in the western society. Eventually people buy a push bike or jogging shoes - it’s an entire industry.

Unfortunately in most cases there are no tangible results or if so they aren’t sustainable. What could be the reason that despite a lot of effort, deprivation and spent money people are unable to lose weight. Some of the reason seem obvious to me:

As the wish of loosing weight is big business, people who loose too much weight or if they loose it long term will disappear as customers.

Mass consumption of food is a huge business as well; keep them hungry with food that has no nutrients inside, so your body craves for more or something else.

There’s an industry selling food that is addictive, so people don’t want to eat something healthy.

Keep them fat and unwell and in the end frustrated, so they’ll kill their grief eating something.

These reasons alone create a vicious circle. But there’s a way out for good and it will be unveiled in this workshop:



  1. Explanation of the metabolism: What makes us fat and what makes us slim?

  2. Comparison with nature: Have you ever seen wild animals that are obese?

  3. A presentation of healthy and it’s comparison to unhealthy food.

  4. What kind of food makes you loose weight? What food makes you gain weight?

  5. Examples of diet plans

  6. Why most people regain weight after a diet? How to prevent it?




  1. What kind of exercise or training helps to burn body fat?

  2. What is the right amount of training?

  3. Cycling as a way to efficiently loose weight

  4. Why is tour cycling such a good way to efficiently loose weight?

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