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Discover the world by bicycle while being fully independent

SWISS TOURER is a new concept with the aim to pass on knowledge and experience to all those who would like to plan and carry out a bike tour of their dreams on their own.

We want to pass on our experience in tour cycling, fitness and nutrition to an audience who wishes to start something new and enjoy life, breaking with boring conventions. We communicate our skills in four languages- English, French, German & Japanese and we are ready to travel to other countries if required.

What exactly does SWISS TOURER offer?

We offer primarily workshops that allow the participants to acquire detailed knowledge in order to autonomously plan and carry out their own bike adventure.

Furthermore, SWISS TOURER helps with the planning or accompanies bicycle travelers in foreign countries. For more information,

please click here:

Acquire all the knowledge that makes a successful individual bicycle tour remaining as flexible as you possibly can imagine. Offer yourself an affordable alternative that allows you to be independent of a bicycle tour providers’ help. Instead of riding with a set group, schedule, amount of time and destination you’ll be able to plan this bicycle holiday according you dreams.

What are the advantages?

  1. You will be prepared thoroughly and in advance before starting your bike trip:You will experience “hand on” practice in mechanics, riding skills, first aid; you’ll get useful information about overseas traveling, effective training and healthy eating, navigation, risk management, efficient use of smartphones / Tablets and much more .

  2. You learn to confidently plan and implement your bike tour independently of others, how, when and with whom you  want

  3. With this knowledge, instead of being tied to a group, you can travel freely wherever you want

  4. You do not have the disadvantages of a firmly organised bike tour (limited time, too fast or too slow, you cannot choose the other participants, etc.)

  5. A SWISS TOURER workshop is a rather inexpensive initial investment; With every bike tour that you plan and carry out yourself, you gain more experience and become even more autonomous

  6. The money that you spend on the course can easily be saved again during the subsequent bike tours (e.g. reservation hotel, flight, etc.)

  7. The optimal preparation saves time, money and discomfort while on vacation and it reduces risks and inconvenience as well

  8. The fun factor is increased and new possibilities, adventures and exciting experiences open up to you that you can enjoy without apprehension and stress

  9. You can pursue your personal goals during the bike tour, such as improving your stamina or losing / gaining weight

  10. You learn to adapt your bike perfectly to your anatomy, which leads to more comfort and efficiency when riding; these settings are retained beyond the SWISS TOURER courses


"Cycle touring is the most leisurely way to travel, yet the fastest way to discover a country" - it allows you to immerse yourself in the culture like no other means of tourism. With only a tiny bit of rubber separating you from the land, you can really feel a connection to your surroundings as you are constantly evolving within it, experiencing every gust of wind and ray of sunlight. Your senses come to life and you are almost overloaded with this raw exposure.  You may also be pleasantly surprised at how different a country can look and feel if you free yourself from a motor vehicle and give cycle touring a go.


Allow yourself to experience such raw adventure meanwhile accomplishing challenges many of us never imagined achievable. Challenges that are in reach of everybody who has appropriate knowledge, good preparation and a proper start. Concerned about your fitness? Read more.


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According to many insiders traveling on a bicycle is one of the last and greatest means of freedom, it opens up a world of possibilities we have so often lost sight of in our day to day lives. As an independent tourist imagine the variety and choice you have right at your feet; check into a hotel or set up camp for the night, ride to a daily target or cycle when you want, rest - explore, make new friends or ride solo, get lost in the bustling cities or head for the hills, pack a little or a lot!...the possibilities are endless and the freedom unimaginable.


Offers a way for everybody to get involved in cycle touring. Our workshops and assisted touring will help you to kick start your own independent adventure without relying on a pre-determined tour group that limits your freedom.

Take a look at our workshops and assisted touring to find out which option will get you on the road to cycle touring!  

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