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India’s subcontinent is a cradle of a culture as rich as it is diverse. In particular, the southern part of the country is rather easy and pleasant for tourists to visit, because it’s low crime and decent security level; the mentality of the population is open minded, friendly and people usually have a gentle smile on their faces. Chris has been living in Mumbai for a year and often visited Goa. It is for sure an advantage to take advantage of his experience before visiting India on a bicycle.

LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO organizes guided tours in India, taking you from Mumbai to Goa or from Goa to Mumbai depending on your booking.

It is an itinerary that not only allows you to discover the rural part of the country which adds even more spice to this great adventure. The impressions left by a city such as Mumbai, will even be topped by unbelievable sights, experiences and encounters. With 8300m mostly excruciating steep climbs over 600km distance makes it undoubtedly a physical challenge. In addition, the costal road is in terrible, some stretches in an even ridiculously bad condition as well as the heat cannot be challenged by everyone. This is nothing for beginners and to be in a decent phyiscal shape is absolutely mandatory.


Why would people have fun participating in it then? It's because it is a journey through time where you can have experiences like nowhere else.

It doesn't matter if you start the ride in Mumbai, a city with a unique charm and history and end up in Goa or the opposite. You are going to be exposed to strong, unforgettable impressions and be left with a sense of accomplishment.





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