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Binge-Watching and Dependence on Electronic Media

What was originally intended to serve humanity, like many things in this world, becomes unhealthy when used or consumed excessively. Entertainment electronics in all its forms are no exception.


Many people are affected, some are aware of it, while others have already lost that awareness. The problem often remains with their family or surroundings. In the worst-case scenario, the affected person can no longer fulfill their responsibilities, and someone else must step in.


At Chakra psychology & Swadyaya, we take this issue to heart and we believe that our knowledge as well as the right application of yoga can help, both those directly and indirectly affected. The beauty of yoga is that it can positively influence a person's mind not only through words but also through the impact of the body on the mind.


In plain terms, it helps even when the directly affected person may not be receptive to words anymore. As long as they consciously or unconsciously participate in the yoga exercises, their state of consciousness will be affected. It is often the only way to overcome a serious addiction.


We offer the following assistance:


  1. In-depth information seminars on the issue of "addiction to binge-watching and electronic and social media." These seminars are especially targeted at those indirectly affected, such as parents and individuals in the educational field. They explain what the problem is, how to gain access to someone severely affected, and possible solutions. For more information, please click here & choose "Yoga"...

  2. Practical workshops, primarily for those directly affected. However, these workshops are also valuable for those indirectly affected because they are often the ones who need to motivate the directly affected person toward a healthier life. For more information, please click here & choose "Yoga"...

The seminars cover the topics listed below and each session lasts approximately 1 ½ hours. Afterward, I will be available for approximately 30 minutes for questions.


  1. Introduction to Chakra psychology & Swadyaya and our competencies

  2. Basics of the difference between Binge-watching and Social Media

  3. What is Binge Watching?

  4. How does Binge Watching and the consumption of social media affect people? a. General effects on the organism b. Effects of Binge Watching and social media on the mind, body, and orthopedic issues:

  5. Social Media

  6. The difference between compulsive consumption of electronic entertainment compared to other drugs

  7. Who are the at-risk groups?

  8. Especially vulnerable individuals

  9. What is Pick's Disease? (I was a caregiver for a person with Pick's Disease for 4 years.)

  10. Summary

  11. Approaches to solutions


The workshops include the program listed below and last approximately 1 ½ hours each.


  1. Practical advice

  2. How can we learn to better control Binge Watching and the consumption of social media?

  3. Protecting and training the eyes with yoga techniques

  4. Solutions for neck & shoulder issues

  5. Coordination and stimulation of the brain

  6. Sleep disorders

  7. Eating disorders

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