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Especially when things in our lives are not going smoothly or as long as we have never truly thrived, Swadyaya is a great help on our life's journey. Samkhya can explain many things easily and gives us hope and the belief that everything can get better.

Who most likely can benefit from Swadyaya?

People who feel affected by these questions can benefit from Swadyaya. We encourage you to answer the questions honestly:

  1. Do you want to be different from who you are?

  2. Do you often or always justify yourself, and sometimes don't even know why you do it?

  3. Do you not feel good (enough) or less good than others?

  4. Do you always seek validation from others because you think you can't decide and judge for yourself what is right or wrong?

  5. Do you feel like something is wrong with you?

  6. Have you been told that what you've said, seen, heard, or felt is not true, doesn't match reality? Do you constantly doubt your perceptions?

  7. Is it constantly claimed that you're oversensitive, unrealistic, weak, etc.? Do you then have self-doubts?

  8. Is it claimed that you're lazy and incapable even when you're putting in your greatest effort? Do you have self-doubts afterward?

  9. Do you have the impression that you should be glad others accept you at all because you're so difficult? That you should be grateful?

  10. Due to question 9, are you afraid of strangers? Do you think that if your environment doesn't accept you, others will surely never could, will reject you?

  11. Are you never allowed to finish speaking? And when you say something, do others clearly turn to someone else, giving the impression that they're more important and you're unimportant?

  12. Is there always conflict in your environment and the others get the better end. Are you afraid and unsure whether you should say something or not?

  13. Do you try to compensate for your sorrow, emptiness, loneliness, and pain through eating, medication, alcohol, drugs, consuming media, excessive work? Is consumption not enough to balance it?

  14. Are you, your parents, children, friends, etc., pitted against each other or against you?

  15. Have you been or are you being teased, despised, mocked?

  16. Have you been hit or subjected to inappropriate advances?

  17. Despite great loneliness, do you still feel best when you can be alone?

  18. Do you have pains, in particular somewhere in your lower body, that can't be clinically explained?

  19. Do you sleep poorly and have many nightmares?

  20. Do you think others are persecuting you, reading your thoughts, or have it out for you?

  21. Do you give your money to the people in your environment? Do you think they are more important than you and therefore need your money you actually have worked for?

  22. Do the (one or some) people in your environment have an expensive lifestyle? Do these people never have enough money, and at the end of the month, do you find yourself struggling to make ends meet?

  23. Do you think that everyone in the world immediately recognizes your faults and weaknesses? And do you justify yourself to others for this, even when they haven't addressed it or the topic at all?

  24. Due to question 24, are you afraid to approach others?

  25. Are you afraid to approach new and different people because you think no one likes, accepts, or finds you interesting?

  26. Do people in your environment badmouth other acquaintances of yours and claim they have a bad influence on you? Does your environment behave hostilely toward such acquaintances of yours?

  27. Do you feel like something is out of control or has always been?

  28. Have you always become dependent on certain situations?

  29. Have you always had to please others?

  30. Are you at best a peripheral figure to others?

  31. Have you given up your existence and happiness to everyone else and never have time for yourself?

  32. Do you feel like you don't belong anywhere really and truly?

  33. Do you always have to prove yourself to possibly, eventually be a little accepted by your environment?

  34. Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin as a person with your personality? Also because of your appearance: unattractive, worthless, dumb, and childish?

  35. Have you sometimes thought that maybe there's something else in you or about you? Without really knowing or understanding what that could be...

  36. Do you want to get out of your life situation, out of your skin?

  37. Have you always thought that you're not like everyone else? That you're different, dumb, wrong, flawed. No matter what you do and no matter how hard you try, you're never equal...

  38. Do you never start anything new because you already think in advance that you'll fail?

  39. Does your environment incite you to do something you don't really want to or can't do? And does the same environment criticize you if it doesn't work?

  40. Does your environment push you to do something you can do and then take the money, profit, and praise in your place?

  41. Do you think that others manage everything with ease, while you, even with all your effort, will never do as well as other people?

  42. Have you ever felt like you can't even afford to be sick?

  43. Do others have anger, aversion, and violence towards you? Do you think it's because of your stupidity, bad behavior, and bad personality? That you're responsible for all of it?

  44. Do you think your opinion is always worthless, irrational, dumb, and not as important as others'?

  45. Do you always represent others' opinions, never your own? Even when you're clearly right or it's clearly harmful to you.

  46. Are you never or very rarely asked about your wishes, needs, well-being?

  47. Do you think my wishes, needs, well-being is unimportant or do you not even know what you wish for? What is good for you or how you would feel good?

  48. Can't you accept praise or does it seem strange, weird, abnormal to be praised?

  49. Do you apologize for everything good that happens to you? Do you devalue it by looking for excuses like "it was just luck, chance, a temporary exception, etc."?

  50. Have you never received support? Do you think you're not worth receiving support?

  51. Are you often compared to others and do you compare yourself to others? Do you always come across as a loser, in particular in public and in front of others?

  52. Are you shouted at in front of others and no one says anything? Is that normal in your usual environment, maybe it has always been that way?

  53. Is it so that what is good, pleasant, privileged, beneficial, etc., is completely normal for almost everyone else, but is withheld from you? You're never allowed to participate?

I had to answer many questions with "yes."

At this moment and in this context, we do not want to say whether you are right or wrong in your beliefs about yourself and life. However, based on what Samkhya and Swadyaya teach us and thanks to many people who have studied the human psyche and our society, we believe that things are not always as they appear.


For these reasons, especially if you have often answered "yes" to the questions, we ask you not to dismiss it with the words "it won't help anyway." Try to understand what might be the cause of finding yourself in a situation where you often have to answer the questions with "yes." For more on this, please click here to see "Our Social Structures."  

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