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1. Restoring lost confidence with Swadyaya

There are situations where people feel stuck, sometimes for a lifetime. Despite the fact that we have already tried everything, we cannot change the situation. For example, the situations such as:

  • You always come across the same kind of harmful personalities in your relationship, work, circle of friends, etc.

  • You are no longer or never were confident in yourself, no longer trust or your own perceptions and have a very negative image of yourself.

  • You blame yourself for everything, even if there is no real reason.

  • You are subjected to physical, sexual and/or verbal abuse.

  • You are very shy and embarrassed around people of the opposite sex.

  • Despite many changes, no matter what you do, you still feel left out, abused or manipulated.

Swadyaya is a very powerful tool in the arsenal of yoga philosophy, and it allows us to think outside the box. It helps everybody practicing it to bring out from within the best in each individual. Western society emphasizes very much external influences and it has a severe impact on our perceptions. This changes the way we look at ourselves. Swadyaya has its own particular approach to tackle negative self-perception or feelings, whether they are real or simply understood as such. By establishing a self-perception based on systematic and precise observation combined with logical reasoning, Swadyaya offers a more objective view of the world that is not biased excessively by external aspects or influences. Capable to strip the power of internal or external negative influences, such as the manipulative impact of abusive people, a healthy and objective perception of oneself can be established.

I offer this service in 2 different forms:

  • Teaching is available in the form of group seminars (duration 5x 3 hours). It helps offering patients to better manage and cope with difficult situations on a daily basis. Knowing how to use the "Swadyaya" gives you more confidence in real situations.

  • Swadyaya is also available in personalized one to one sessions. The therapist can then make the content and duration of the sessions more flexible according to the patient's personal situation. The main advantage is that the patient benefits from the experience of the therapist, so that they can detect hidden trauma and problems that have not been given enough attention.

2.Workshop to fight against "Binge Watching" and digital addiction in general (duration 4 hours):

The basics of my course “Binge Watching” were developed by psychiatrist and Yoga  therpist/teacher Shashi Shala in cooperation with “The Yoga Institute” and various schools in Mumbay. For three years, I served as the primary caregiver for a person with frontal lobe dementia. The before mentioned disease shows identical symptoms as a person who has had excessive exposure to digital media. I have used my experience to create a course to treat “Binge Watching”, but also other digital addiction through yoga. This course deals with the following points:

  • What does “Binge Watching” mean?   

  • How does it affect human beings?

  • Impact on the body, breathing and mind; orthopedic problems

  • How can we learn to “Binge Watching” in a more controlled way?

  • Eye training with yoga techniques

  • Shoulder and neck training with yoga techniques

  • Coordination and stimulation of the brain

  • Sleeping troubles

  • Eating disorders

  • Information about “Social Media” and their particularities

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