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Swadyaya (Chakrapsychology)

Swadyaya is an ancient form of psychology. It's important to consider that working with Swadaya involves entirely different approaches than what one is accustomed to in modern times. With Swadaya, it's the individual, the patient, who must do most of the work on their psyche according to certain guidelines and rules. The person familiar with Swadyaya merely explains how to carry out the next step of the process. Typically, they instruct a large group of people simultaneously, which is not surprising in a country like India with a large population. What's beneficial is that the participants help each other, which is often more efficient because the "Swadyaya therapist" has limited knowledge and experience in comparison to a group and can only offer their own perspective.


This approach may not be well-received by many individuals in our modern, dependency-based society. They expect guidance and understanding in their personal concerns and assume that the therapist will focus on them and their issues. For those who lack the will to step out of their comfort zone and make changes, Swadyaya is entirely unsuitable. It can even be perceived as very uncomfortable. Therefore, for these people, please stay away.


For those who do not want to consciously or unconsciously deceive themselves or others, Swadyaya is a blessing and a freeway toward truth and authenticity. Embracing the truth reveals so much new, positive, and beautiful experiences that the pain, anger, and disappointment often become secondary. If these negative emotions still prevail, it means that you have not yet fully or not at all arrived at the truth. Therefore, Swadyaya is for those who are not afraid to independently and WITHOUT EXCUSES, but with the help of the group, confront (resolve) their fears, traumas, and difficulties.


The "Yoga Psychology Foundation (Former Manthan Yoga Foundation) / The Yoga Institute -Mumbai" and the editor of this document strongly recommends that you MUST NOT apply the "integral chakra psychology" to other people unless you have successfully completed the course and passed the necessary requirements and assignments to complete the "Integral Chakra Psychology Level 4" certificate as well as a MINIMUM REQUIREMENT of a TTC 500 or Ayush Level 3 Yoga Teacher Course

Christophe Frommelt - Yoga & Swadyaya

The Swadyaya (Chakrapsychology) workshop lasts for 2 days (approximately 4 sessions of 4 hours each). It follows the topics described below:


  1. Introduction

  2. With Swadhyaya, we look at ourselves in a mirror; with a vivid example

  3. What are the rules of the game of life?

  4. Self-responsibility

  5. Our worldview according to the parameters of Yoga

  6. Ignorance (Avidya)

  7. Introduction to the world of Chakras

  8. Where can you find these obstacles and difficulties in our body?

  9. The two ways we acquire our behavior

  10. What are my personal problems that need to be addressed?

  11. The way we live can be divided into two subgroups

  12. What are our personal rules and norms?

  13. What circumstances can make something other than reality the norm? What is recognized as absolute truth?

  14. In Yoga, we use the so-called "Vrittis," and we can better understand our perception of our own truth through them.

  15. The magic of the phrase: It is my belief that...

  16. Can we create categories for our beliefs?

  17. Every opinion of other people is someone's belief

  18. We usually build a "protective wall" around us!

  19. Identification, Projection <----> Transfer to others

  20. Attempting to identify the issues one wants to work on.

  21. Explaining the Chakras and their influence on the psyche and psychosomatics individually

  22. Why do many people give up very early?

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